Juhani Saksikäsi is a Helsinki based pioneer and a cult legend in Finnish hip-hop scene. First releases are from mid 90’s. Juhani’s roots are deeply in 90’s sample based American rap and beats, through the years there have came influences to his instrumental song structures mostly from 60’s & 70’s instrumental fusion jazz and progressive rock from all over the world. Juhani is a cratedigger from record collector family, his father runned a second hand record store called Green Grass Records in Helsinki. Juhani has produced beats for some classic Finnish rap albums, but mostly for himself to his rap & instrumental albums.
Juhani’s first completely instrumental album “Häkälöylyt” (2008) was nominated in one Japanese record store’s “10 most interestning albums of the year” -list.
Big influencers to Juhani’s music has been names like DJ Shadow, DJ Krush, Cut Chemist, Skalpel and 40 Winks.
Juhani has performed instrumental shows in Finland & Baltic countries, in 2022 he will have European tour called “Dimensions – Instrumental Trip-Hop Journey” which contains now eight countries.